The art of “Nothing”in



Travelling is not always about seeing new places, or meeting new people. You sometimes face your deepest self or concerns. Part of the travelling is leaving things behind. This can be your house, mom or best friend. You leave your routines behind. You won’t be able to have a place as comfortable as your home for a while – depending on how long you travel – for months or weeks. This includes the food you like or friends you share your daily life. The day will come, you will crave for your sofa. Hopefully you can find anywhere. Once you realize how much time you’ll have and you won’t have, you get really surprised. Before travelling, you tend to make a list of things you’ll make on the way. Writing, reading, drawing, learning to play instruments… But in reality how much time will be left for your leisure? And at the end of the day you wonder what have you been doing all this time? Well, I’ll try to explain how it works for me.

Have you been dreaming of giving a break to your job and travel for a few months? Or quit your job for an alternative travelling life? Great, first of all I wish you lots of fun and experience. And ask you a question: Are you fully ready for this? How much do you know yourself? And last but not the least: Are you ready to learn the deepest secrets about yourself? Well, I did. From the easy and the hard way.

You’ll be on the road. Literally. Unless you are planning to rent an apartment and chill for few weeks. That is called vacation, not travelling. Travelling means being on the road. Train, ferry, car, flight, bus; you name it. And yes, we all know that no matter which vehicle you choose, you will “wait”. You learn to be patient. And when the waiting part is over, you might have to be on the road for hours. Road makes you think. About anything. When I was younger, travelling usually by bus, I used to think a lot. Now I’m doing it all the time. And the thoughts I’ve been avoiding for years are starting to scroll down. The things I leave behind, the uncertain future. And now is pretty exciting. I’m at a huge impressions party. Constantly seeing new things, experiencing, tasting, discovering. My brain is a rollercoaster. I constantly feel like a 5 years old, being excited and discovering new things. And at the end of the day, I feel like I’m doing nothing. Am I doing a lot of things or nothing??

I have only 1 responsibility: explore! Sounds super easy right? I though so, until I realize the other responsibilites come along with that. Right now I’m at the Caribbean. What am I experiencing?

  • You have to walk. A lot. And climb. Be fit for lots of walking and hike!
  • I need to be the queen of unexpected situations. You learn to be mature. Real mature!
  • Are you travelling off the beaten track? Be prepared, you might not be able to find food all the time. Or you get what you can find.
  • Explore.
  • You need to wash you clothes. Yes, hand washing.
  • Lots and lots of packing. Each new destination means packing and depacking.
  • Explore. And Repeat.
  • Be financially smart. Exchange rates and currency conversion should be your expertise.
  • Be open. Music, food, people. Create your own party, even if you can’t find one.

There are times, I feel useless. There are times, I feel like I am the queen of my dreams. I’m a born traveler. This was my dream when I was 9 years old. I’m a full time dream realizer. Yet, I feel like I am doing nothing. I’m trying to compare a 8 hours of waiting at the airport resulting with a cancelled flight and one more night in the middle of nowhere to a 8 hours working day.

I am 32. Everyday, life is just starting for me. I am doing nothing. I am doing everything. Now can you tell me; which one is true? Ok, time to keep on exploring.