Art Of Raw Desserts Ateliers

24 April 2018, 18.30-20.30pm / Laurierstraat 59, Amsterdam

€ 38

Enjoy a nourishing afternoon with raw, rich, dairy-free dessert recipes and tasting in all its magical forms, explore the story of raw desserts and learn a pure, simple and delicious way of making your own divine raw desserts at home that is incredibly nourishing and avoids the unnecessary processed additions and ingredients.


Very Berry Raw Cheesecake – Chocolate Pie – Almond Cookies – Raw Chocolate

You will dive deeply into a nourishing journey towards the heart of raw dessert making – learn about the simple but secret tools for light and tasty dessert making, secret substitutes to dairy products and sugar and how to mix them in the best way!

You will leave with a deeper, more respectful relationship with sweets, your tummy full of goodness and your own raw dessert making knowledge that will use to make yourself and your family and friends happier and healthier!

Join us for Art Of Raw Desserts Workshop!