We are made of “smart” cells. Nutrition, emotions and our environment affect the vitality of our cells. When I decided to go through a mind-body and heart transformation, I started with nutrition. Change is integral. It begins in mind and body, our thoughts and food where the digestion begins. Your body reacts to food you consume. Clean eating not only cleanses your body, but also your mind. When you are more aware of what you eat, you start to feel the essence. When you invest on the quality of your diet, you start investing on the purity of your mind. For most people, food is not just about satisfying our physical hunger, but satisfying our emotional needs as well. Change is not difficult, not easy either. Like in every other thing in life, your job – your relationships – your children – career – Clean Eating also needs patience – continuity and time. What is more valuable then your body and mind? And the good thing is you don’t have to pay for this treasure.

When you are craving, do you find easier to access snack or processed food?

During your integral change process, when you have a craving pause for a minute, think about what you really need. Go deeper. Instead of what you “think” is easier to access, allow yourself time to prepare what will make your body and mind cleanse. This investment that you will experience while reorganizing your diet will bring a movement during your journey of mindfulness.

When that “craving” feeling arises, mindfully keep your attention on it, and ask yourself: What do I really need? If it’s anxiety, stress, boredom or any other emotion, allow yourself to feel it. Incorporate your nutritional lifestyle to your spiritual awareness.

Go to local market, invest on your food and spare time

I want to remind three key words – patience, continuity and time. Allow yourself time to think about what you eat. Snacking is not difficult. Once you start the clean eating journey, after 3 weeks you will realize how happy you can be after a handful raw nuts. Go to market, look around. Feel your food. Touch your food. As you start investing on your diet, your mindfulness process will speed up. Carry mason jars full of your favorite veggies and fruits, carry your trail mixes. Make your own raw crackers and chips.

Honor your body and soul

Rest, if you need to rest. Slow down your exercise. Eat your comfort food if it is going to please you. The most common mistake we do is if stopping the whole process once we break it. We forget that continuity means continuing no matter what. Do we break up our friendships for small arguments? Honor your needs and pleasures and continue the journey.